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For most people "Information Technology" is still a black box. Or even a box of Pandora! Probably IT people themselves are to blame, they always make software and computers seem complex and a kind of magic. Would that be a kind of territorial defense, maybe?

That's why we organize an event, especially for those who are fed up with hearing IT say "what you ask, is not possible". At the event we will explain - or should I say "show" - one of the most innovative IT technologies: Open Data. (And that's the last time we'll say 'technology' or 'IT'.)

What's it about?

The Leuven Open Data event is held on September 20th in - where else would it be - Leuven! At 19:00 we welcome you at the council chamber ('Raadzaal') of the provincial building ('Provinciehuis'). A unique chance to feel like a Leuven politician, having you own chair in the council.

Leuven Open Data event

Four speakers show you what Open Data can do for local governments - cities or provinces - and at 21:00 we round up with beers.

The event is free and open to everyone, but we prefer you to register. We will focus on local governments, so everyone working for the city of Leuven or the province of Vlaams-Brabant, is even more welcome!

Why would I go?

Today websites can be much more than just static screens that you can read. (Think of the "apps" very well-known from iPhone users and their pals.) And what's more, it's not even difficult to get there! (even if they say so at your local ** department). The only thing you need to do - as a local government - is to open up your data. Which is totally in-line with the 'open government' policy.

You should attend this event if you'ld like to know:

  • how your local government can communicate better with its citizens,
  • how other cities use Open Data, like Ghent and Vienna,
  • what Open Data is, why it is important for local governments and what you need to do,
  • how you can help Leuven become a front-runner!
And why would we care? Because it will make it so much easier for local governments to make sure citizens get the right information. 

Open Data?

"Open Data" is information that you spread in such a way that it can be re-used. That means others can use your Open Data to make things that bring value to you, without you having to do anything. A well-known example is iRail, a website developed by an ambitious citizens to consult live train schedules. Remember the NMBS' reaction? If you like actions like these and hoped that NMBS would have reacted supportively instead, you will love this event!

This evolution brings challenges as well - like security and ownership issues. We want to know your thoughts and reflections about these crucial topics, so we foresee a discussion round in the agenda:

If you want to attend the event, just show up or send us an email!

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Important disclaimer:
This event is organized by a non-profit organization, supported by the European Commission to create awareness about Open Data among local governments.
Meaning: it's not a commercial event!

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